Friday, February 11, 2005
We're very proud to welcome Fintuition to the training classes family, they are a securities training firm from london

All kinds of cool training
Training Classes and Skillbox is now an official serebra partner!

Serebra Training Partners

Woo hoo!

Also my server got taken offline yesterday because we overloaded the server, sorry for the inconvenience, we're working on getting a better server



Skillbox, Inc. is a technology consulting company with the goal of 'Connecting those who need to learn with those who love to teach'. Every day, Skillbox assists over 20,000 clients in finding the training they need through their training portals like www.training-classes.com. Skillbox is proud to present Serebra's outstanding catalog of training programs to its clients. For more information about Skillbox, visit www.skillbox.com.

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